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Battleye Launcher Error (Mac M1 - Windows10)


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hi, i have a new macbook pro with the m1 chip, i loaded Windows 10 with Parallel desktop.

when i try to start the game the following message appears:

Starting BattlEye service...

Failed to start Battleye Service (577)

Installing Battleye Service...

Failed to install BattlEye Service (4, 241)



So is this because of the Mac with windows or what is the Problem?

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I am trying to do the same thing: play the game on a MacBook Pro with M1 Pro chip. I have sent several tickets to support team, as well as chatted in the official discord. This is the situation as time of this post:

Their answer:

  1. Windows for ARM is not officially supported.
  2. Battleye does not support any system running in virtualisation eg. parallels desktop, VMware etc.

My effort so far:

  1. Tried to launch game without BE from game folder (DID NOT temper any files, just double-click on EFT.exe). The game launched but got stuck in loading screen while connecting to server, since it does not have the correct credentials from BE. Which means the game is theoretically playable, but...
  2. Found out that Battleye does not allow any VMs (Virtual Machine).

So if we want to play the game, we have to wait for:

  1. Microsoft to release Windows for ARM to public so dual boot for Apple Silicon Macs. (Microsoft currently is in a exclusive deal with Qualcomm, which means Windows for ARM is only available in pre-builds with a Qualcomm SOC)
  2. EFT change their anti-cheat to something else that supports VMs. (Unlikely)
  3. Other desperate methods. (Buy a PC, etc.)
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