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Skif's Revenge - RAID inspired Pixelart


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 Hi there, it's me, long time no see , I thought I should post more on here as well. Here is my homage to RAID and Skif, I took me a bit and was kinda hard to make but I like it in the end, also can't wait for season 2. I hope you like it as well, also I added a making process video and a background/hollow image of Skif alone. I made them for you all the community and so they are free to use ( you can use any of them in streams, post etc. ) HOWEVER, the only thing I ask of you if you do use it, is to credit me in it, preferably as ivan_the_stronk as for my instagram art page : https://www.instagram.com/ivan_the_stronk/?hl=en , talking about which you can check it out sometime, I have way more pixelarts and drawings - many Tarkov inspired, trust me it's cool! I love y'all, cheers! ❤️







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