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EFT freezes my entire computer for 5 minutes or more after loading into a raid.

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My pc is unusable for a long period of time after loading into raid, as in there is a display, but it's frozen, and I can't alt tab or go to task manager. Everything is just stuck. I've tried windows update, driver update, cleaning my case, memory cleaner, reinstalled the game, reinstalled windows, overclocking, nothing works. I am sick and tired of having my pc rendered unusable and I don't want to have to wait until BSG listens to their <REDACTED> community to be able to play this <REDACTED> game.



Ryzen 5 3600

GTX 1060

16GB of G.Skill Ripjaws V RAM (3200mhz)

Team MS80 1TB M.2 SSD

MSI B550M Pro VDH WiFi motherboard

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Hello @04mykl

I understand that this is very frustrating, but please try to remain civil and we'll see if we can't help you!

Having your entire lock up like that is NOT something that happens in general to players, so it is likely going to be related to either your software or hardware setup.

Could you please explain what happens more precisely, for example:

1. Does your screen go black? (eg. monitor blink?)
2. Does the keyboard freeze as well (do the caps-lock, etc. still work?)
3. Do you still hear sound from your headphones/speakers?
4. Can you hear any noise from your computer? (eg. increase in fan speed?)
5. Have you tried changing the settings in the game setup? For example disabling as many things as possible just to see if you can locate the "culprit"?

Please get back to me with some more details and perhaps we can track the problem down. :)

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