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Frequent crashes while in the game menus (character + dealer inventories)


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I get these GPU driver crashes whenever I'm in these menus, I don't know what is going on but I thought it might be important to let the devs know something is wrong.


  • 5900x with the latest AMD bios firmware
  • RTX 3080 driver ver 466.27
  • 32GB 3266MHz RAM
  • 2TB NVME storage

event viewer error:


Reliability monitor:


This is the time in-between the errors. Both of them occured whenever I was in the menus. For some reason, the latest error did not mark EscapeFromTarkov.exe after the hardware error occurred. 

Why do I think this error is not related to a faulty GPU? 

  1. I can run FurMark for 4 hours without issue
  2. I can run an entire game of CS:GO without any crashes
  3. I can play hours of Star Citizen on ultra 1440p without issues

What am I doing whenever the driver crash occurs?
Simply being in the menus with all the items eg character menu, trader menus

I like to reiterate the fact that this does not occur once I'm in game as a scav or pmc.

Again, it only happens in the menus! The logs have been added but I doubt there is useful information in there, I personally think that this has somehow to do with unity but what do I know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



Ps. I haven't found a fix for this

2021.05.07_13-03-32_0. errors.log 2021.05.07_13-03-32_0. notifications.log 2021.05.07_13-03-32_0. nvidia.log 2021.05.07_13-03-32_0. pools.log 2021.05.07_13-03-32_0. traces.log 2021.05.07_13-03-32_0. application.log 2021.05.07_13-03-32_0. backend_queue.log

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