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Server connection lost

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I am unable to play and raids at all. Every game i try to play eather as scav or PMC the game loads map/loot/loot table then black screen with a message "server connection lost"


I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game twice now but still the issue persists.



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I have the exact same problem since yesterday. I have since tried to reinstall the game, change DNS and use VPN, nothing works. As I have searched online for answers I saw someone posted that it was related to the account. Tried a different account on the exact same hardware and that works without a problem. So we need our Accounts fixed somehow I guess.

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Posted (edited)

Problem with server with this error : 25.0199


 First game : 270 ping !!  disconnect by game, come back, and loose all my material ! ( game like pmc )

second game just now 200 ping !!!, disconnect by game and can't connect again ! second time loose material ! very nice server, a shame !!! ( game like pmc too )



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they have answer to me, a joke ...



Due to the sudden increase in the number of players, the servers sometimes suffer from instability. The servers are constantly updated.
We understand your frustration, but we ask you to be patient. We are working hard to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.
This can be a Route / DNS issue, we recommend trying to use a VPN at least for now. Or make sure your connection is fine. If possible, reset (connect and disconnect) your modem (from the ISP)
We also ask you to verify your connection and play on servers close to your location. Routing issues and packet loss can increase pinging and lead to poor gaming experience.
If you are using IPV6, try to connect using IPV4.
PS: if VPN is banned in your country, try using your mobile internet or contact your internet service provider.
Thank you for contacting us!
If we have answered your questions, please close this request and rate the quality of our support service.
Respectfully yours, Escape from Tarkov Support Service.


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