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No Sound from PMC players firing guns after 30 meters

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I was running woods at 3:58 on 5/9/21 could hear Scavs fire there guns but not PMCs not sure if its a bug or super silenced gun that we don't know about, had a teammate with me stating that he didn't hear anything from, I was sitting in the Wearhouse that Sherman spawns in or around and my team mate was on the ridge in front. not sure if anyone has ran into this issues just looking for some help thanks.  

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Some unsuppressed guns can sound suppressed, like distant pistols etc. Being inside a building will also dampen noises to the point where they are not possible to hear, you won't hear distant grenades or gunshots if u are inside a building.

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The sound in this game is incredibly bugged. You frequently see:

- Sound ques play from a different point in 3D space to where they were generated.

- The loudness of different sounds are not balanced. e.g. I can be a floor above someone several meters away and clearly hear them unlock a door, but I cannot hear them walk up to that door.

- Sounds just sometimes don't play.

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