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On 5/17/2021 at 9:08 PM, Iteration said:

Bush wookies are reliant on players getting near their position. So you may just be spending a long time in a bush fruitlessly while no one comes nearby. The food and water situation is there partially to make a barrier for long raids. You can obviously just grab some food and water with you, but if you don't get any loot you would have wasted your time. And yes, you may be alt-tabbing and playing a mobile game, but then again... are you then playing EFT? It doesn't seem like you're having much fun with the game if all you do is wait in a bush for an opportunity to get a kill.

If there's ever a place where wookies reliably sits, then people will just bullet-check or grenade-check the place to flush out wookies or avoid the area completely until it is no longer meta. Stealth is a very big part of the game - hence why you have so much control over your movement and height placement.

Let me teach you few thing about bush wookies as a 3 months bush wookie veteran .

As early as level 1 pmc . you can survive shoreline in full time with 1 cracker and 1 apple juice . Let alone later you get a 17k roubles investment of food and water . 

And no , you can loot corps , loot stash , loot anything that the last pmc was too nervous to loot because they running in 40 minutes mark and very scared . While you run at 15 minutes mark and everyone is gone . 

And its a very relaxing experience , just like fishing , just imagine a guy so angry about getting camp , thats how you get the joy from it . If not , good , you have all the free loot now . 

Not to mentioned how much traffic you will get around custom . 

As a chad bully newbie in custom is ugly already , now imagine a FAT GEAR BOI SITTING IN A BUSH WITH SILENCER . 

Its almost a 4/10 matches a guy will walk next to you at beginning of the match just because how the spawn point / extraction are designed . And how the spawn camper works . 

You can sit next to the ZB exit of custom with a VSS and you will get both SCAV and PMC either at beginning of the match and the end of the match . 

Try once , and you think to yourself why check every corner last match when you are the corner . 

To fix this they can add cool feature like a scav squad or random AI scav that patrol around the whole map . Add more randomness to the game . 

In my experience , AI scav is not enough in every map . 

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Oh , also , good luck using your m995 to bullet check all bush in custom or shoreline :) you can make it . 


Of cause that's not the way to play this game , that's why they should destroy this meta . 

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On 5/14/2021 at 1:44 PM, ShiroTenshi said:

No, there won't be.

Any and all PVE modes, coop or not, will never save progression.

You're wrong, Online PvE mode is being prepared for the game. Although it will be a long time. So this new mode will count everything as it is now PvPvE mode.

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