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Escape From Tarkov RAID Full Film


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We present the full version of the Raid miniseries based on the multiplayer online FPS Escape from Tarkov.

In the film adaptation of director Anton Rosenberg, viewers discover the world of the game and the armed conflict that takes place in the Norvinsk region, a special economic zone on the border between Russia and Europe. The main operating parties are two opposing private military companies — USEC and BEAR, waging fierce battles between themselves and the gangs remaining in the city — the Scavs. The main character finds himself in the occupied city of Tarkov, the exits from which are blocked by UN peacekeepers and Russian troops.



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I watch  the full film twice now all the way from Start to finish and I absolutely love it vary well done action with fire fights wre intense and made me feel like I was there among them bois the actors were all on top of there game flawless acting the dielog and script was well made and though out place were they should made me feel all the emotions I should have at the right moments. Everyone that worked on this project deserve an Oscar to be honest. The only thing I would love to ask from the team is... More give me more I would long to see this as a long series made running as long as possible cause in the end I fault more connected to the tarkov game store lore etc etc. Please find a way to make a this go from a miniseries to a long story series :)

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