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Nvidia driver version 466.47 problems? Texture flickering?


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Hey guys,

any one got any problems with the latest Nvidia driver version 466.47?
I've read a few comments describing flashing, flickering or even black screens in other games like Breakpoint.

I'm still trying to figure out the brightness and texture flickering but I'm not sure if its driver related.
Which driver are you running? Should I try 466.27 or an even older version?

Especially on Factory the lighter textures on the dark floor and walls are flickering a lot when I look at them in a specific angle.
They flash when I do short fast movements. Do you have the same issue?
Or is this just because of the antialiasing and sharpening of the game?

Got a GTX 1660 Super and a AOC C24G1 display with free sync and vsync off. At first connected with the display port cable that came with the monitor, now tried HDMI 2.0 which makes it a bit better. I'm still waiting for a new DP cable 1.4 for more tests.

The monitor has a VA panel but I'm quite sure there is another reason since FreeSync is turned off and it depends on the color mode I choose in the display settings. The problems are almost gone when I switch the monitor to sRGB - which makes the colors a bit blurry and cuts the light and dark areas. When i choose any other color mode its flickering every time i walk through shadows or light.

BTW: the flickering in the menu is always the same.

Cheers! :)

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