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Micro Stuttering / Freezing /


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Hoping for some assistance.

This game used to run smoothly up until around a month or 2 ago. No lag, solid FPS 70+ on high graphics settings on all Maps, standard temps on hardware.

I've been getting 1-5 seconds of random freezing with no audio then the game seems to catch up with itself for a minute or 2 then another freeze.

Sometimes after returning to the game performance is perfect. plays well with no issues then after a few raids or even a few days it's back to constant freezing and stuttering.

At this point I'm certain its not FPS related.

I've tried the below options.

1) Vsync / Gsync options / uncapping FPS

2) full windows reinstall as well as EFT reinstall.

3) increased and decreased graphics settings.

4) full hardware diagnostic tests (no faults in hardware found)


32GB 3600Mhz Ram


Ryzen 5 3600XT

Any ideas?

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