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Why is there no outline/marker HUD for friends or group?(Armband is Garbage)


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I am fairly new to this game and have been finding it very annoying to keep track of a large group (around 4-5 people) when playing. I am having a hard time understanding why there is no outline or marker on the game for friends or at least another option for it. (The arm bands BTW are absolute garbage for identifying a friendly). I feel like we spend half the game making sure we know who each other are.

If you answer "Well that's part of the game" I guess that makes the game less enjoyable for me and my buds lol.

I don't think friendly fire should be turned off but why no better way to see your group/friends like some sort of Heads up display(HUD) I mean there already is HUD for everything else right?

Thanks for any replies!

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The main reason is realism. The other reason is not realism. You know in real life all solders of fortune run around wearing the exact uniforms and gear making friendly fire not friendly. It's normal for solders to shoot teammates because on appears in front of you where you think they would not be. Why make the game any easier when all you have to make your apology, hide your friends gear and hope he forgives you. All sarcasm aside, it would be nice to know them when you see them. No one needs a blip on a map, just something to say friend.

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