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Possible problems and possible improvements for left-handed players


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There are some "quality of life" problems for left handed players, especially regarding the key mapping functionality. I know that left handed players are in minority and some of this things don't sound like a big deal, but I assure you, that it can make a lot of lefties happy. :) 

We left handed players usually remap all of our keys, because our left hand is on the mouse and right hand on the right side of the keyboard. I know a lot of left-handed players remap their keys to numeric keypad and/or keys that are close to those keys. All good and well. In Tarkov I can remap all the keys, but there are some problems with some hard coded keys. Let me describe some of them:

1. If I remap "reload" key from "R" to for example "numpad slash", it works just fine. But the problem is, that if I want to rotate an item in the inventory, only the "R" key will work as it seems like that it's hard coded. It means that every time I want to rotate an item, I have to move ma hand all the way from numeric keypad to the "R" key and it's very far/not ergonomic. Right handed players have Rotate key very close to their hand/fingers.

2. Alt key, that is used for moving some of the items into their corresponding slots is also very far away for left handed players. If I want to use alt key I have to move my entire hand to the other side of the keyboard and it's not optimal/fast during the game, where every second counts.

3. As a left handed player I remapped my "interact" key from F to "numpad enter". Again, it works just fine, but the problem arises when you try to do some of the missions, that require pressing and holding "interact" key for longer periods of time, like for example the mission, where you need to go to Factory and repair few panels. In this case, numpad enter doesn't work and I have to use F key.


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