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Fps problems


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Hello,  I know there have already been plenty of threads related to fps's and optimization, but I would just like to find out how many fps's people with similar or maybe the same hardware as me have. On the map e. g. customs I have about 70 fps when not using mouse, after looking around it drops to like 50, I'm curious if I've done what I can about this or if it works better for others. I'll add that I have total lowest settings, I've done a lot of optimization stuff with you tube and generally have some idea on these topics. The game mostly runs on a measly 40% gpu and 30% cpu, (I know the game focuses mainly on one core but I checked it too and it doesn't use it all) my pc: Ryzen 5 2600x, gtx geforce 1660ti, 16gb ram 2933 hz, game on ssd etc. The temps on gpu and cpu while playing are like 50 C


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