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Map individual Stats and Combat Medals


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Hello guys,

I would like to make a suggestion for the game:

Map Individual Stats:

You can see you KDA for each map, and number of raids played.


- That would also bring a new feature: COMBAT MEDALS -


You can earn that doing different stuff, few examples:

Combat Medal of (Put map here) (Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum/Diamond) - Kill 100/2000/5000/12000/25000 PMC in (Put map here)

Are you (Put Boss map name here)? Kill an entire Squad of 3-5 players in (Put Map Here)

The BAITER - Kill a PMC while he is looting YOUR victim

The BIG RAT - Kill a PMC while he is looting HIS victim

Anti-Vaccine Activist - Kill a PMC without medicines

(PUT MAP HERE)'s Godfather - Go alone as PMC in (Put map here), kill all the PMC.

Chuck Norris Medal - Kill at least 2 PMCS in all the maps, without dying.


You can place this medals the same way that you place your compass, you can place up to 3 medals. So whenever a player kills you they can see them (but there are NOT lootable)


I think this is a beautiful way to extend the end game of Tarkov, because a lot of player don't know what to do after they complete the Kappa, this would add an extra layer of Complexity for them. An endless way to grind new stuff.


Another thing to mention is that medals would remain even if Tarkov is wiped, so you can retain your medals over different wipes. Instead of reset medals, we just add more medals every wipe, so there is always new content to grind for advanced players. There are also medals that are supposed to play over the wipes, like "Combat Medal of (Each map)", getting 25000 PMC kills in any map it's going to take at least 2 or 3 wipes. At that point you could add "Combat Medal of (Put Map here) - Graphene/Dark Matter - 50000/100000 PMC kills



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