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Inertia, Aimpunch, & SMG railguns.


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So, inertia. I'm sure it's been said before and will likely be said a million more times before we see it, but the game really needs it. The run n gun playstyle of the twitch kids is ruining the experience. Constant WSAD bouncing and the ridiculously unrealistic movement dynamics have turned the game into a kid fest.

When BSG removed aimpunch, they massively removed the disadvantage of being caught without cover as the twitchy players could just back their skills and gear to 180 headshot even when they are being fired upon from an unknown location. There is no penalty for lack of covert movement by removing aimpunch so players treat the game like cod and just run n gun. this is not what EFT is meant to be. Sure, aimpunch seems unrealistic, but it creates fear of being caught out and promotes finding cover rather than just spinning on the spot and engaging... so unrealistic.

SMGs have laser like accuracy and almost zero recoil. over 75% of my deaths to players are SMG sprayed headshots and quite often from well over 60-70m adding to the absurdity of it. SMGs need a massive nerf. They add to the run n gun playstyle especially given its faster to ADS whilst running than it is from a crouched controlled position. this is just absurd.

TL;DR - game is massively rewarding run n gun playstyle and combat completely unrealistic. inertia, some aimpunch, and nerf of SMGs would go along way to fixing this.

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1. Apparently, inertia is coming 2 updates from now (heard someone say it in a forum post, but don't know how accurate it is)

2. Aimpunch was absurd, and they do have something else in place as a substitute. Whenever you get shot in the stomach, your stamina bar drops to basically zero and you lose a lot of mobility. I still think they should take it one step further and make your aim/recoil control drastically worse off when your stamina is low, as well as reducing your maximum movement speed when your stamina is in the red.

3. SMGs in every game are always going to be an all or nothing deal, and that is just the sad truth. They will either be completely useless (which is what they were until they added AP rounds) or stupidly strong (which is what they became with AP rounds). 

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Aimpunch was not absurd. So many people keep saying this without taking into consideration the efect of it. Sure it was dialed up a bit high and appeared unrealistic, but, it fostered realistic combat and decision making.. which is far more immersive than what we have now

I would prefer a seemingly unrealistic mechanic that rewarded realistic behaviors however the whining twitch streamers don't like that so it gets ignored.

Disagree re SMGs. Like all weapons there is a balance. The high ergo and low recoil make them OP and in effect they are the new aimpunch/aimdeath. Simply reduce their accuracy and, to your point, reduce player accuracy when taking fire...

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