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The person who gets the most kills on a boss in a month gets to play as boss for the next month.


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Just a random idea I thought of while watching (Glitzyphoenix - Twitch). That a person who gets the most kills in a month on a boss, lets say Killa. Gets to play as Killa for the entire next month. 

They would then be able to:
1 - Become Killa and spawn in the same location as he does normally.
2 - Scav in as Killa, therefore the A.I Killa not spawning in his normal location. Because their is already one running around.

Their would also be restrictions and buffs like:
1 - The player cannot drop Killa's Gear or etc. (But if player Killa dies by a non party member then his gear can be looted | then if killed by a party member it cant be looted.)
3 -  Giving player Killa a big backpack for loot. 
2 - The player has same health pool as A.I Killa.

 This idea can go for any boss or anyone who kills a boss the most in a month. Their is also the issue of if a player is a boss for a month. How will others get the most kills on a boss for the next month. 
I know it would be harder then but the player can only play in one match at a time. Soooo post more ideas!
This was just a random thought.
Have Fun! 

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That was already confirmed by BSG that at some point players will be able to spawn as Scav Boss instead of normal scav - this mechanic will be added sometime later and will be based in Scav Karma. Scav karma is coming with the next content update but for now it will only allow to spawn Scavs with better gear if you get karma high enough. Ability to take control of Scav bosses most likely will be added after full EFT release in planned "Scav Life" DLC

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If every boss will be a player, you will take away PvE from EFT. Remember that not everybody plays only for PvP. Imagine you are playing as Killa, with free op armor, having much more HP than others PMC, running through the whole map searching for other players and problems. It will be broken, don't you think? And as a addition, he also will have big backpack for looting... I can see many problems with this idea. You should refine your concept more. 

And what about raiders (Glukhar, Sanitar, etc)? Will they follow you?

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21 minutes ago, Biala_Mewa said:

And what about raiders (Glukhar, Sanitar, etc)? Will they follow you?

Actually that will come with Scav karma as mentioned by Nikita if the latest podcast with Tarkov-girls a few days ago: if you have high enough Scav karma, you will be able to get any AI boss and his followers to follow you and protect you. Nikita was not sure if this is already coming with 12.11 or if it will be added with later iteration of Scav karma system, but he sounds like this is set in stone already that this feature is planned to be added as a reward for high Scav karma.

Also do you remember that APC with armed squad on top from the Streets teaser? It was hinted that groups like that will be available as guns for hire that may assist player PMC if paid enough money and you have high standing with specific NPC... Looks like BSG is full hand on adding AI mercenaries as part of karma/standings system in the future.

26 minutes ago, Biala_Mewa said:

If every boss will be a player, you will take away PvE from EFT

Not every, but some. Like at the moment there are AI scavs and Player-scavs in the same raids, there will be AI bosses and Player-bosses. Total number of player-scavs and AI-scavs should remain the same - the only different is that in some specific cases instead of a player-scav there will be a player-boss.  As was mentions at some point by Nikita, ability to play as a boss should be added in "Scav Life" DLC which will add storyline quests and progression for a Scav, so spawning as a boss will get you busy enough without searching for loot.

32 minutes ago, Biala_Mewa said:

I can see many problems with this idea

I agree that there will be a lot of issue if they just add this feature mindlessly right now, but also we can take into account that:

- Player-bosses are planed for EFT DLC, so we should not see anything like this before full release of EFT with all features

- In DLC there will be actual storyline and quests to do as Scav. So the main goal running as Scav will not be just to get some free loot (as it is right now), but to fulfil specific objectives

- Damage and penetration systems will be reworked several times before release. Some changes to penetration are expected in 12.11, but there are more to come, especially with custom rigs hitboxes.

- HP and gear for player-boss and AI boss can be different in the same way as AI-scavs and Player-scavs can have different presets right now if BSG wants to.

- there are still years before release of EFT and PvPvE landscape we have at the moment is bound to change significantly and it is hard to predict how current balance between PvP and PvE will shift in the final game.


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20 hours ago, Biala_Mewa said:

having much more HP than others PMC

This is just because they have to compensate the clumsiness of the AI to show him as a bad ass. :)


20 hours ago, Biala_Mewa said:

If every boss will be a player, you will take away PvE from EFT

This will be ideal (not to mention his zealots to be humans :)). PVE should not be desirable in this kind of games (but the dices are already thrown (are they ?)).

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