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BETA - PVE Gameplay - Please make it permanent PVP & PVE - Love EFT! Keep up the fantastic job!!


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Hello All,

I was playing the PVE BETA Offline gameplay and simply loved it. I just want to say I also play PVP and NOT suggestion combining the two.  I just would like to see characters made for both PVP and PVE with NO crossover. So as a player, you can have your PVP character and you can have your PVE character with absolutely no carry over.  

I am making this suggestion because the BETA PVE options allowed you to set the difficulty level from easy to online like and the number of SCAV from a few to a HORDE. I had so much fun playing the HARD setting with SCAV WAR (a free for all) spilling over with HORDES of SCAVS.  I recommend you try it, it is fun as all hell.  

So please consider building both modes into your EFT game because there are times I want to fight PVP and other times I want to have mindless fun in PVE.  EFT offers so much in the way of game play, I would rather spend my time in the EFT world fighting other players or the AI instead other games in the genre. 

Awesome Game! You have my vote, 5 star review, time, and money set aside for EFT!!


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BSG has plans to create a proper single-player game (codename for now "Russia 2028") that will take place in EFT universe.

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