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Hello i cant log into my tarkov account its been 4+ months since i put a email into the support email and still no response anyway someone can check it out? email I contacted support on is [REDACTED - Email]

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Hello @Its_Silence,
Support isn't responding to your email ?
Did you write to [email protected] ?


To be sure to receive EFT mails, you need to do some simple, but very important operations:
- Check the "Spam" folder - there's some chances that letter can get in this folder
- Whitelist this emails: [email protected][email protected]
- If you use an email client, then perhaps the letter is blocked by your antivirus. Try temporarily disabling it.
- Make sure that your mailbox is not full, letters may not come if the quota of your mailbox is full.
- Check the mail settings, turn off all filters and also check the mail forwarding settings. With forwarding enabled, letters can be sent to another mailbox. (We want to warn you if you use redirection of letters to another mail, there may be many reasons for the non-delivery of letters. In this case, you need to contact the support of your mail service).
- Contact the support of your mail service with a request why you do not receive letters from the Escape From Tarkov project from:
no[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Have a nice day.

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