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"Server connection lost", then Battleye loading failed, "Battleye is running incorrectly, please restart game"


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Happens every single time I try and load in to a raid, or sometimes just as I open the game. Submitted a bug report, and have tried all the suggest methods (VPN, IPV6 off, reinstall, delete and reinstally battleye, firewall, ect), but nothing fixed it.

Anyone else having a similar problem, or know any fixes.

This started a few days ago, but I haven't played in around a month, so it could have been here for a while.

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I was about to post about this. After a year, I finally convinced a friend to get Tarkov. Yet yesterday, first time he was going to play, he couldn't connect to a raid at all, even rejoining. 

Apparently he spent 4 hours last night trying to fix it and referenced the same exact things you did and got the same errors too.


He's pissed honestly and I don't blame him, he feels he got robbed


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