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sugestions on what pc upgrades should i do for EFT


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currently i have:

GPU: GTX 1650super

CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 4300G

RAM: 8gb

with this pretty OKish rig, i still only get 50fps on custom with low graphics settings, and alot of screen tear and overall not so smooth

meanwhile on factory i get 100fps but still screen tearing etc. so i wonder what is the main reason that eft runs so poorly on this pc.

if anyone have any suggestions please share it here thanks. and sorry for bad english ❤️


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 Tarkov is very CPU intensive.
At the moment it gets better by upgrading CPU not so much as upgrading your graphics card.
But still i think you should upgrade cpu+gpu etc

i run the game fine with these specs.
Ryzen 7 3700x
16bg 3200 mhz memory
Auros X570 elite motherboard.
GTX 1080.

no problems with recording/streaming.
always good fps. 80+

Try turning on V-sync for your screentearing

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your rig isn't OKish, it's absolute crap sorry to say

If you change one piece, it'll be slowed down by the rest

Best to replace everything if you have the money

If you can't, you should add more RAM in the first place

Also installing the game on a SSD is pretty much mandatory

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