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New player can't connect to servers on raid in his account


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So I finally convinced a friend of mine to use what little he has to get this game, from the start he had to change dns (changed to google's) just to be able to use the launcher and download the game.
After that it all seemed fine, offline raid no problems, stash, menus, etc. When we tried to go into a raid however he disconnected after loading fully ( in the transition just before he sees his character) with a "server connection lost" error message. Same kept happening while trying to rejoin.

He then spent over 3 hours attempting to fix it, VPNs, manual server changes, reinstalling the game AND battle eye, changing DNS settings, firewall permissions, you name it, he tried.
Just now I logged in using my account on his computer however and surprise surprise, no issues whatsoever. Using no VPN and normal DNS too.. so what gives? I was gonna try and help him with services in the background, settings and so on but now I'm at a loss for what to do as it clearly has nothing to do with his internet or computer. It seems logging in with my account didn't change any settings either so not even that could have done it

Any help would be godly right now. I'm having him fill a support ticket but honestly we don't have much hope for battlestate's support from what I see around here. He could barely afford the game so this just really sucks

Small detail, if he does go into scav he does load in completely (seeing his gun) for a second before getting a black screen and the error again. Reason why I decided to try the account change just to rule it out. Really didn't expect it to work though so I don't know what to do now

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