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Rashalas Secret Service


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A GunShot is Heard in the Distance, but in a certain rhythm. Curious I Set out with my duo to investigate. We Find a Group of 8 armed Scavie boys Guarding what appeared to be a God of some sort.
After Joining in on the fun and banter us Scavs traded information, Greetings, and even supplies. However our meeting was soon interrupted when a far off unseen Sniper Makes a move


Our God Dies before us, his lifeless body hits the floor as his guards rush upstairs and every scav on the top floor rushes over to loot his corpse. No Loot went to waste. We Then Charged out of fort as a group of 8 scavs on a mission. We Find the PMC. We End Him. And go out in a blaze of Glory as there is no longer any time to extract. Having completed our Mission we exchanged voicelines until the end. What a Journey. Except the Guy who got the keycard. He ran.

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