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BSG / EFT Launcher will not open whatsoever...


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Completed a fresh install of Windows 10 last night, update all drivers, C++, and .NET framework.

Install BSG Launcher 12.8x, installs fine, go to open... nothing. Open Task Manager to see if its running in the background, nothing. 

Open application one more time and can see it opens and closes in task manager.

Deactivate Windows Defender (Bear in mind this is a fresh install with formatted drive so literally nothing on this PC)

Re-install and repair said drivers

Clear Temp folder

Proceed to uninstall and re-install and still nothing. 

Looked in AppData but found no "BattleStateGames" folder anywhere so that was weird. 


Kind of at a loss. I've checked the web and read a lot of different subreddits but none of them have worked. I'm hoping you all could shed some light on the situation. 

also not too sure where to find the logs but I can upload as need be if someone tells me the path...

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Finally! I guess always double check your installs... my video card driver corrupted. Fresh install worked great lol!

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