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[Feature Suggestion] In Progress Barters


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I think it would be a really good feature to be able to commit items in your stash to barter trades before you complete the barter, to help save stash space, and help massively keep track of all the various barter trades you are working towards. 


My suggestion is this: allow us to commit items to barter trades progressively, instead of all at once. In addition, add a filter on the side of the traders inventory for "In Progress Barters".


For example, for peacekeeper level 1 there is a trade for 8 brown knifes --> 1 MP5, instead of collecting all 8 knifes first (taking up valuable stash space) let us give peacekeeper the knives 1 at a time until he has all 8 and then completes the transaction and gives us the MP5. 


This would be a HUGE quality of life change I think and would be very much appreciated by us players (especially those of us on standard accounts with smaller stashes to start with). 


Thank you for reading my suggestion! I look forward to the continued development of this amazing game!


Stay Frosty,


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