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Change Ping limit to 200 from 160. [Good Reason in Body]


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Hi guys

EFT Made a ping limit recently and its too low. I live in South Africa and this makes it impossible to play with anyone thats not in South Africa as its the only server that is below 160 ping.

My suggestion is to increase the ping limit to 200, this way Africans can play with Europeans, Europeans can play with Americans AND Africans can play with Americans by both playing on Euro servers. All of my friends are in Europe and the USA and this ping rule has made it impossible for me to play my favorite game with my friends and Im sure some people feel the same way.

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I'm European (irish) and mostly playing on London/Germany servers but regularly play on eastern US servers with a friend over there. Before he set his servers to be eastern we would play the odd game on a western US server and it would be impossible with server disconnects after a few seconds of being loaded in but he plays regularly on my servers too with no issue apart from having a slightly higher ping than the rest of us obviously.

That being said, I do agree that ping limit should be increased a bit to allow easier play with friends cross region. Also to allow some Pesilly/Shroud sexiness to happen....

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Ping limit does two things.

1) It increases fairness; meaning high latency players wont be able to W key and shoot someone before they even appear on that person's screen

2) It keeps the hackers from certain countries from using a VPN to play  on overseas servers

In the future they may optimize the netcode enough to fix some flaws but right now that is the reality and likely the reason why it was lowered from last wipe. Though I cannot speak for them but it seems to be successful because there hasn't been nearly as many desync complaints as last wipe from what I can see.

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