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Font Size Scaling Options and Accessibility!


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Hello, I recently just bought the game, and am quite enjoying learning its controls and getting ready to do some proper raids. However, the biggest snag for me is text size. I did some googling and found there was quite a lot of hostility about this from some players, but I'm going to be polite because I think it's an important accessibility function and hopefully I can brighten a dev or forum mod's day by being kind!

Some background: I don't have amazing eyesight by any means, but I get by with some glasses. There are some things glasses can't fix though, like certain types of double vision and light bleeding when viewing bright text on a dark background. I also can't really get much closer to my monitor within reason due to physical disabilities (chronic back/neck pain). My monitor isn't huge by any means but isn't small either. About 24" which was the usual size from a few years ago. I believe Steam has some lovely statistics on these things if you want to do further research.

This is remedied in games these days mostly via text size or UI size scaling options. Lots of companies have some base-line accessibility standards for games now, such as sony and nintendo, which often includes something to make important text larger (like subtitles etc) Obviously, UI size is more of a chore, but considering how much unused space there is in tarkov's UI specifically for text, it seems it should be in theory relatively easy to implement. I know that's not always the reality with game development, but I also know the sooner you tweak the underbelly of a system like this the less headache it will cause you later.

There are many things to consider to make text even a touch more readable. Do some light research on high-readability fonts and fonts that counter dyslexia. Even adjusting some of the UI colors could make a difference, like the background for text. (having a more grey rather than a dark black background, like Steam's UI has, can reduce the aforementioned light bleed effect, for example). The primary issue for me here is the inventory fonts. Fonts on items in cells showing capacities/etc are relatively readable for me in that I can see that a magazine is fully loaded cause there's 2 shapes next to each other that are the same, but reading the numbers themselves is harder.

The biggest issue is the text designating what the item is upon inspecting and also the text in the description box. Text size and visibility in the game's own options menu is actually a good benchmark for readability here, being brighter, a softer yellow/off white color (gentler on the eyes than white, kinda like this forum's text!) and using a clearer, more robust font.

For now, I will just have to learn items by their images, which is doable but obviously requires more learning and pattern recognition than just reading the text to myself. Not being able to read the text also makes this process notably slower.

I hope, if nothing else, I have made a good case here and sparked at least looking into some improved accessibility features. I also hope that they are at least considered before the final release of the game! If a dev has taken time to read this, thank you for your time! And your game is wonderful.

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