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New items in Traders, anyone noticed Ultima parts in Jaeger LL2? 20rd VSS mags in Prapor LL2?


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Just noticed some new 'greyed' out items on Jaeger LL2 (I'm level 16). So I examined!

A whole load of Ultima parts for the MP155. I have the Ultima Thermal Camera which I found at Attachment Cabin. So I buy the whole lot and a nice new MP155 thinking I would get a functional Thermal Shotgun.

But no, the rubber butt pad is not available, or the top rail, although the modder only tells me the butt pad is preventing me from using it.

So BSG, why bother? Half an Ultima modding set is useless. I now have a half-upgraded MP155 cluttering up my stash, rather than a single square with the Ultima Thermal Camera on it.

But, a new item is now Prapor LL2: 20 round mags for VSS and Val, (trade for a Lada manual). And I managed to loot a pristine VSS from the weapon cache near checkpoint on Woods so... time to get hunting! 😀

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