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Scav Karma and Boss


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I know boss's shoot at you as a scav if they where attacked by any other scav in the game. Before it was not an issue, you simply avoid the area where the boss is. But now with the Karma it ask you to protect the boss (in a way). 
I was on Interchange doing a run and i pass by killa, say hello, and went on my way. Then i hear Killa yelling and shooting. i turn around to go help him, he is holding the hallway i get in a shop to flank, i look at the hallway and there is a scav player there. Killa run in the shop to me the other scav shoot at him, killa kill the scav then turn and kill me.... WTF? 
 i understand that was there to prevent scav from killing the boss point blank and getting free loots. but now we need to protect him but if one makes a mistake its over he kills everyone, its just makes no sense. let him be aggro to the one shooting at him. not to everyone. This settings still makes no sense as i could easely one shot him when i say hi to him. Why punish eveyone else because they hit him once. while the one exploiting scav to get free loot from him will always one tap him?? Please revise this setting. I am playing the way you want it to be and i get punish for it.

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