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Artis Scientia - [ARTIS] Looking for teamwork focused people, new players and veterans are all welcome.


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Who Are we:


Established in 2021 as a focused Community/org, we now strive to involve ourselves in a multitude of games. Valuing loyalty and sportsmanship - transparency and engagement with our members is a key factor to us, ensuring our direction is led by the voices of our community


We are a mature and structured Community with a focus on coordinated events whilst also being laid back for enjoyment. We are currently looking for individuals who want to have a laugh and join us on Tarkov to play alongside with. Whether it be on Rat runs or Chad runs - we welcome all to come along!

We are comprised of members from across Europe and the US and all speak English, however, we do welcome members from across the globe to join! The games we play range from Rocket League, Apex Legends, League of Legends and many more between our members on and off.

How to join:

Clicking on the logo above takes you to our website where you'll be able to join our discord.

Register and make an account to join the community.

Ta-da! Hop on our Discord to get chatting and slaying PMCs!


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