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3 Wipes and no unity crash fix, done for good


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The title says it all. I have been trying to get this blasted game to work for WELL OVER A YEAR. I've followed every piece of advice, done everything suggested, submitted a dozen tickets, and still there is no fix for the unity crash bug. I've gone to lengths that no one should have to to get this game working. I've got a fresh OS. i've removed my drivers. I've underclocked my gpu. I've turned on XMP, i've turned off XMP. I've tweaked bios settings. I've done literally EVERYTHING. Every wipe I am hopefully that they have addressed this issue and every time I am woefully disappointed. 

I understand I am just one customer, but I simply cannot recommend this game. My friends and I have stopped playing because no one wants to queue up with the the guy that crashes every raid. I love this game dearly but for me at least i'm throwing in the towel. My next ticket will be for a refund, and that's that. 

if anyone has anything at all they've done that fixes this damn bug (other than that guy who is also very vocal i've tried everything he's listed and nothing) please let me know. 

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