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Why are you guys so scared to make systems that challenge the player base?


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As it says above ^

It's fairly apparent you guys are scared to make changes that actually impact your game play and make it harder and more enjoyable point in case look at how much for most of the community had when they had to actually play the game until lvl 20 that is ...

An with how pointless the karma system is, like you guys made it so we can farm karma with money ??? Are you crazy or just lazy 

I can kill players all day long and not get effected .

Than there's the weight changes lol my god that made you guys look like such pussy foots not even 2 weeks in and change it to the point it's not effecting anyone .


My god bsg grow some balls and make the game harder already

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On 8/2/2021 at 3:30 PM, runninupcommas said:

this isnt it..

And nether is this anymore because the devs are a bunch of pussies

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