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Gunsmith p2


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So i wasn't going to do gunsmith this wipe until i needed cash. That point is upon us. I have my aks-74u from prapor, bought the b11 handguard and 60rd mag and saw(tan) pistol grip, and folded it to be 6 slots. I took off the muzzle break as suggested by wiki, and even added a thumb grip like one video suggested. I still cannot submit it for the quest.

Ergo is 62, sighting is 500, 579 total recoil, 100% durability, 2.8kg, and 6 slots.

What am I missing? Does it have to be exactly 60 durability or something or is this quest bugged?

2021-08-03[23-22] (0).png

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15 hours ago, Bollofscy said:

You used the wrong gun! :) 

AKS-74U (no N!)

I didn't even know there was a AKS-74UN.... 5 wipes and never even knew lol might be my biggest fail

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