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Generel Question about Sound


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hello everyone,

every time i try to do research i only find something about "the game sound sucks".

my current problem is, the movement sound or search sound from players is really really quiet and faint or not played at all. as an example, players sprinting is suddenly played and stops between 5 and 10 meters away and not getting gradually louder. another example: i was in dorms and another low level player was turning really fast so you make some crunchy noise with your feet. he was like 3 meters away but the sound was so faint i had to listen really carefully to figure out his position. im was always wearing headphones. 

this strange behaviour of sound gets me killed more often than not.

i have the feeling it is a sound setting on the pc or in combination with the game. on my pc i have disabled everything i could find.

i have watched several streamers and the sound of players movement is played back so much better and i cant find any information on how to fix it.

currently i have stopped playing because the ingame headphones make my ears bleed for how loud they make my own sounds over the other sounds.

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