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Upgrading Costs More Than Buying Out Right


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So I have been playing Tarkov for a good while now with my friends, and I thought about upgrading to EOD. But when I went to check on upgrading my account, I found out that it costs more to upgrade than to just buy EOD in the first place. Here, let me explain:

|Okay yo so the Standard edition is $35 and the Left Behind edition is $58

58-35 = $23 In difference

But to upgrade from standard to Left Behind it costs $30

Okay, well lets try with the Edge of Darkness One which is $110

$110 - $35 = is a difference of $75

But it costs $95 to upgrade to Edge of Darkness from the standard edition.

I am not saying it should be less money, but that the cost of upgrading should match the cost of buying. It just seems like a scummy move to increase the price.

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