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When getting in to raid an out of my whole pc freezes and booth my monitors go black.


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So when try geting in to a raid and out of it thers a problem with my whole pc just frezzing and going black and after a while it gose back to normal and giving me that the game has crashed. 

My pc build is quite good 

ryzen 9 3900x

16gb of ram at 3200mhz

Games on a m.2 ssd 970

(the only new part is a 3060ti that i just installed)


So tarkov is only the game that the whole pc frezzes on i have tried to reinstall the drivers/ and game same problem. I have tired other games that are Heavy on the GPUs monterhunter world ex. and also stress testet the gpu on furmark in case its it failing. But got no errors

sorry for the bad gramar english isnt my native language :)

Any ideas anyone?



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This problem did happen for me a couple times and i went through deleted all the EFT files manually and reinstalled and its fixed it for me and my build is nowhere near as good as yours, I see you said you already reinstalled so maybe it wont help have you tried clear cache and then lower your settings? May not help but worth a try

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so i took down the settings on tarkov and changed it to borderless making it somewhat stabile but for som resson is it giving me a line in the midel of the start screen and escape window and when i thout it was my montir i cheked it out with a white backround and thers was nothing.


right now its working on offline raides not sure 100% on normal.

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