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QOL "Find parts" in presets


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Quality of life upgrade when going to "Find parts" when working in presets: 


Issue: In this example I have deselected one or more parts in the list, because I already have the gun for example. When I press "Purchase all" the game says I can't because one or more parts was already purchased by someone else. At this point the list resets and ALL PARTS in the list are selected again, and in order to attempt "Purchase all" I have to go through the list and deselect the items I don't want to buy. Repeat process until purchase is successful. 


Fix: In the "Find parts" list, remember which items were selected when pressing "Purchase all" in order to reduce risk of player insanity


Also, on a slightly different note, it would be nice to be able to type/select how many sets of parts you want to buy, if you are building more than one gun. 





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