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Weapon presets - Add (Trader/Avg. Flea Market) price tag on parts.


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While playing with the weapon preset creator I found that it is difficult to know which parts are expensive and which aren't without having to exit the creator and check the price manually. What would be nice is if there was a price tag over each part in the opened combo box. I realize that it might have some performance related issues due to loading times but even if it was an avg. day price that would be nice. An option to tick box to turn it on or off would also work well. I know there is a find parts button that lists all the parts and their prices, but for a new player it makes it really difficult to make a good and cheap preset without spending too much time checking. I know that tarkov is a hardcore game with a steep learning curve but lack of that kind of feature is more annoying than anything else. It would be great to see something like that get implemented as a quality of life change.

Another thing that i found annoying is the order of parts changing when picking a new one. I would like for them to stay in their place and maybe blackout the one that is currently on the gun. It would be also nice if there was an option to arrenge the parts by their price/name/type etc.

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