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Adjust Viewmodel proportional to FoV


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As the title suggests, the viewmodel (arm and gun) should be more visible if I'm playing at max FoV. It should not remain the same and have animations capped at what appears to be 30fps. Why can't I see more than the handguard or half the rail/dust cover on many guns in this game? The developers created gun models with attention to detail, so it would be amazing if I could appreciate the weapon in my hands when I play. It also wouldn't match up to the view I would have IRL, which is a side note for realism.

I've made a few topics on this already, but they haven't gotten much traction. I am in love with this game, but this issue bothers me every time I play. I'd really appreciate a slider if not everyone wants this proportional adjustment to be mandatory.

Just let me see my gun. Please.

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