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Cheaters in Tarkov.. Unplayable..


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Does the devs do something against hackers in the future? Iam level 36 atm and I enjoyed this game more than every other game in the past 15+ years. But at this point I dont want to play anymore, because I just get killed so often by hackers.. Its unbelievable. They doesent even try to hide their cheats. I always fake peek and they always prefire. If I wont wear an altyn, they would kill me with 1 shot no matter which ammo, but I dont want to play every round with an expensive altyn.. Labs/Reserve is unplayable because of the cheaters.
 Its the same poo like in other games. The only good thing about tarkov is that its still expensive and they wont change it, so many cheaters doesent want to buy it again, but I saw there are many keys on keystores which offer cheaper copys of the game.

Please.. Do something.. This is the only game, which makes fun and these rats ruin it with their cheats.
I always watch LVNDMARK and he gets always killed by cheaters or 12489127841 headshots on his altyn..

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I got the same. almost every round 1, you just recognize them they wait behind a wall and know what you are doing, they look around the corner when you walk into another room because they know what move you are making. it's really really bad. every 5 or 6 rounds I do get hit by a cheater out of nowhere. which often happened that when you heal yourself somewhere and then out of nowhere are shot dead, lying behind something, which is possibl I understand that but not 3 times in a row.

it's funny when the first banne wave came. seemed like i was god i won everything and now everyone is better than me i have over 8000 hours in it.

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Just take a look at: 4:43.

This happens so often to him. Its so funny.

If I play labs I always get head eyes.
Now with the great dynamic loot system, where you just have no loot anymore on maps and keys are pointless you face cheaters all day on factory. Got killed several times through fat walls while not even moving. I also have videos of that.

So why BSG cant just make a passport verification or something.. I mean.. You can easily use spoofers to avoid hardware bans and everyone knows that..  So Anti-Cheat is just a joke to 40% of the cheater-community.

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Labs especially needs a serious fix.  I've only had the chance to do labs 3 times.  Two of the three times I've encountered blatant cheaters that have shot and killed me through multiple walls.  I only go in there when I find an entrance card and have a full kit, so yeah, it completely blows when you do not even get to fire a bullet or use a stim or anything.  Just bam through the concrete.  Again, this is the majority of the time I have played that map. 

It is tough to report people too.  I give a strong benefit of the doubt, I think I have reported 5 people total and I'm level 30.  I have seen a number of twitch streamers falsely report like just about everyone, because their egos are huge...

Anyways, back to the main point.  Aside from the time and effort lost... what bothers me the most is that a number of hackers are high level.  How do you not stop an obvious hacker with a ban after one or two blatant hacks?  These players should not be level 40+, period. 

Anyways, there is my two cents.  Cheers and good luck all. 

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Its just unplayable.. Really. I did a new post with a video. It doesentt matter which servers you pick. I changed them so many times. Everywhere are cheaters.

Look here. Enjoy it.

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