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Possible Fix for Crashes on load/Exfil/ NetLibraryManager Error


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Hi All, don't know exactly where to place this, as I've seen many of you have the same issue I'll post here. 
As title states I had the issue with RAM spikes and NetLibraryManage Error.

Every time I would load into Reserve, it would crash and any time I would EXFIL with a scav it would crash ( not just reserve) 

Before we continue, specs: Windows10 21H1,  i9 9900K, 32 gb RAM, 2070, game installed on SSD. 

The only error I am getting in the game was NetLibraryManage: Disconnect etc. 
I have fresh install of latest everything (Windows, Drivers, Game etc) 

What I did to combat this in exact row:  

1. Virtual Memory for the drive the game was installed on. (Crucial) 

I have 32gb of RAM so Ram shouldn't be a problem right? well, looks like that's not true. Once I've set up my Virtual Ram, most of the crashing went away for some reason but still happened. 

In Virtual Ram Settings:
My C:/ is System Managed 
E:/ (where my game is) is Custom Size:   Initial Size is 1.5 x  32GB  (calculate for your own RAM) 

                                                                         Maximum Size same, 1.5 x   (Maximum you can go up to 3x  but its not necessary) 

2.Right click on EscapeFromTarkov.exe in Compatibility tab check Run As Admin + Disable Full Screen Opt. 

3. Download .NET 5.0 (Linux, macOS, and Windows) (microsoft.com)   (Just google this)  (Also I think this is what helped the most with the crashing) 

4. Installed the latest official Net Framework 4.8  (NET Framework is really important) 

5. Installed Intelligent Standby List Cleaner and just pressed start + launch on windows start. 

6. Disabled Discords Overlay 

7. Windows should be latest 21H1 (go to your settings then system/about it should say the version)  

8 Microsoft Media Feature Pack  If you have the latest Windows. If not, check what Feature Pack you need for your version.   

This is exactly what I did after a while of researching (2days) and it now runs smooth as butter.


Possible stuff to check in case above doesn't help at first: 
1. Check your RAM stability HCI Design's MemTest is a great little tool to check your RAM. Or type Windows Memory Diagnostic into your start (this requires reboot) 

3. Check in your BIOS if your RAM is set up for the best SPEED ( google your motherboard and check how to properly to this ) 

4. If your CPU comes with a boost option, to turn turbo mode on, I recommend to do so. I don't recommend overclocking as this is unstable and can spike and crash your game. 

5. In game be sure to try lowering all your GFX settings and see if that helps. ( Lower Texture resolution can mean less burden on your RAM) 

6.In game turn the option for RAM Cleaner on. 

7. I have my Nvidia Boost On, but you can try disable that + turning of Overlay for Geforce Experience. 

8. If you have 8gb of ram, nothing will help until you get another 8. 

This is what I did, I still get the NetLibraryManager Error in the log, but it doesn't crash anymore and runs smoothly. 

I hope it helps someone out there. 

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