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Need help with tarkov


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I bought escape from tarkov 2 weeks ago and since then it would give me the  ;server connection lost; after (1-5minutes) of gameplay on all maps i thought it was a simple problem and i googled and watched some helpful youtube videos on how to fix a problem like this but nothing works i updated my network drivers, checked files and so on and then i discovered the console and noticed this 

[Error] : Log: calling UNET::VirtualUserHost::Disconnect because of reason NetErrors::kWrongConnection

[Error] : Log: calling UNET::NetLibraryManager::Disconnect this is likely comming from script

[Error] : Dimensions of color surface does not match dimensions of depth surface

what does this mean and what should i do about it. PLS HELP :d

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Ok so as far as I know it is called packet losses to an extensive amount it happens in league of legends because your Internet is I dunno tech problems try to use a VPN then go on shoreline naked and sit in a bush for a while see if you don't get booted out 

If the problem still occurs just email bsg / send tickets 

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