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Welcome the New Emissaries and Forum Moderators


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In these couple of weeks, we had several applicants from enthusiastic community members for forum moderation as well as for our emissary program. And after being filtered from best out of the best, I present to you, our new Forum Moderators and Emissaries.

New Forum Moderators:

They have been busy this couple of days cleaning up the forum and getting the hang of things.


English Section:

@ArmaSwiss @CC.Craft @ImERdaddy @LoudHawk @Mike_trx  @necuja

German Section:

@frag1e @pnee

French Section:


Polish Section:


Dutch Section:


Scandanavia Section:

@LoudHawk (Also English Section Moderator and Scandanavia Emissary)


New Emissaries:

Dutch Emissary - @iFunkyNL

Scandanavia Emissary - @LoudHawk

Oceanic Emissary - @Minions_Gambit

Polish Emissary - @matizek92

Czech Emissary - @PugMonk


Thank you, everyone and I wish you all a great time and success!


      ''With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility!''

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