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Fix interchange


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The map interchange needs a buff the recent buff was almost so irrelevant its crazy. I have ran some test you have realistically a 1 out of 35 game chance for a gpu to spawn that's trash. I have max endurance and pop a SJ6 get there a not even a minute in and check all the spawns it just doesn't spawn but those DVD's do but who wants that trash loot, Players will stop playing and you will run out of funds based strictly off the fact that some maps are useless, we don't care about excuses and honestly we buy games for 60$ all the time if its not fix we will just buy 2042 or halo infinite or whatever is next. Even a loyal player base can't save a boring or unbalanced game eventually they will get tired, I play a minimum of 8 hours a day till recently. So I find that the recent work you guys have been doing is actually hurting the game, the dev team is almost ignoring the player base. Ex. you guys want no Bitcoin.. We want bitcoin(Why the hell you nerf tets)
Ex2. Gpu spawn ARE TRASH FIX THAT SOON Ex3. Reserve marked room near power for D-2 is trash I speak for everyone when I say god its a waste of money.... like I can go on have you seen headshots on scavs with no helmets I've seen them eat m61 better then tagilla.

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