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Loading into raid and being hit with "Server Connection Lost"


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I click on okay, and instead of being sent back to lobby, I'm sent to the reconnect screen. 

If I click on "Reconnect" I'll get the same error. If I click on "Exit" I'll lose all my gear. What am I supposed to do? I've Alt+f4'd and changed my selected servers but nothing there is fixing it. 

If it's a buggy server that I haven't loaded into (because I get the error while trying to connect to server), I should be able to exit without losing my gear because I'm not even in the raid. My character hasn't spawned yet but I'm still being forced to connect to a game that is in progress.

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This just happened to me and I'm very upset about it. I have videos that prove I couldn't do anything even though my PMC had spawned (a friend had seen my soldier standing still). Players couldn't shoot me but the game said I was dead with no way to heal myself. 

Make an update with these lost connections by adding more response time from client to server or something else please.

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