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UI suggestion, SCAV wait time, Game Mechanic and Hideout Construct Time


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Hey all,
I've only been playing for about 3 weeks but I've come across a few things that bug me a tad so thought I'd suggest changes for them. See what kind of feedback I get on them.

Door mechanics:
Opening and closing doors is simple enough but I've found when I need to get into cover near a door and its closed, I need to stop to open it. It would be nice to be able to run into it and it slam open or something. Obviously this would make a lot more noise than normal and gives you away quite easilly but I feel it might help out a bit in gun fire situations.

UI ingame:
The UI is really nice. It's simple to work with but what would be nice in regards to approaching food items is being given the ability to use it or pick up the item. When my inventory is full and I need to consume food / drink I've come across, I have found myself wasting time removing an item to pick up the food / drink item only to then use it and pick up the item I've dropped. Being able to use food / drink straight away when coming across it would be nice to have and would save time in game.

UI in trader menu:
When going through the traders looking for backpacks / vests, I sometimes forget what layouts some of them have and I know if I inspect them it tells me the number of available slots they have but I like to see what kind of grid is available as in 1x1, 1x2, 2x2, etc. as this does help me determine what I take. When in the trader menu when opening a vest or backpack I have to search it. I feel when in the menu searching is pointless and just wastes more time in the menu. I'm not sure if others are like this as well but this is just something I've noticed for myself.

SCAV Wait time:
This is probably going to get mixed reactions but I was thinking, if you get killed by another SCAV player can you make it so that you can do another SCAV run straight away but if you're killed by a PMC then you have to wait. I find it a bit annoying getting killed by other Player SCAV's still and still feel like its a punishment. Resetting the SCAV timer if this happens would be nice as with PMC you can just jump straight back in. Just an idea to think about or maybe change the idea slightly to something that might work a bit better? I dunno.

Hideout Construction Time:
The hideout construction time I feel is a bit too long on some of the early level items. Just an example upgrading the stash from level 1 to level 2 takes 24 hours whereas others going from level 1 to level 2 have only taken a few hours. I can understand things taking longer as the levels get higher but 24 hours from a level 1 to level 2 seems a bit long for me personally.

Again all of these things are just small things I've noticed which I wouldn't mind seeing in game but again some people might not like these suggestions. Feel free to comment what you think.

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This comment is here to make more people see this. Door mechanics would need some tweaking ( only wooden doors, not beeing able to shot when you went trough it to avoid it beeing used offensively

other than that i am all for it

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Love the idea about the door mechanics. One thing to add would be a way of opening the door very slightly and slowly. 

some other games have this system already in use where you crouch up by a door and open it, it will only open a small amount and slowly. To limit the noise created and to stay stealthy in some situations.

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