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Reloaded Ammunition


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What if Tarkov had an event where traders didn’t sell any better than standard ammo like m856ai, magnum buck, even stuff like quakemaker. And had very limited supply of standard/bad ammo like m855, 9mm pst and even made some the spawns of gun powder significantly less and forced people to use ammo they find.
At first prices of ammo on the flee would go up but if it was like a month or even permeant event the flee would run extremely low on meta ammo and even mid tier ammo like 7.62 ps/5.45 bp-bt/9mm ap6,3/m856ai/m80/etc.
Maybe also make it instead of combining random stuff like matches and something else to make magnum buck, you have to find boxes of pellets and maybe bags/boxes/etc of used shells to make “reloaded 8.5 magnum buckshot”. And have it so that it uses a variety of shells like it’ll be magnum buck in a led slug/poleva/ap20/rip shell and make it cheap and easy to make but it’s less reliable than regular magnum buck.
even different ammo casings like steel or brass or aluminum
steel casing would be easy to find but less reliable than brass or aluminum
brass would be expensive and reliable  
and maybe aluminum isn't reloadable 
Maybe something like “steel case m995” or “brass case 5.45 soft point”
You could even go as far as gunpowder 
Let’s say as a standard
muzzle velocity = 1000 
Durability burn = 10

Blue gunpowder: standard
Cheap Medium burn = 15 dur. 
Low kick = 850 muzzle 

Green gunpowder: reliable 
Low durability burn = 5 
Medium kick = 1000

Add a skill called reloading and the higher the skill the more reliable your homemade ammunition is.

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