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map design

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hi there,


well, first i apologize for my bad english, but my russian is nearly nonexisitent, i know only some real bad words ;-)


however, at the moment i think the player spawn points are to close each other. we have small areas where people spawn and everyone know this locations. then you have the straight way to the exits. it feels more like a coop/singleplayer map design, than pvp maps. having fights seconds after spawn or in the first 5 minutes and then the lonely way to the exit, seems for me not the right way. don't get me wrong, i like this "combat simulator" on small maps more than a "survival game" where i run 1 hour around before anything happens. but you should spread out the spawns and focus kill zones and choke points around the map(s) instead near spawn points. this doesn't mean you should create maps with "players start at the edges of the map and all meet in the middle" but atm this "tube" levels feel wrong. i like that you don't create "only exit here" (keyword: exit camper) maps and there at least several ways to get out, but the same should happen to spawn points (groups/bear/usec should spawn together/nearby to solve the "i am on the other side of the map" problem)


just my 2 cents





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