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How to make a proper suggestion?


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Making suggestion is not as easy as it seems to be. Here's few tips how to create better suggestions.

Try to explain, why your idea should be implemented/is great - especially if it changes game in many aspects.
While making suggestion, many Users just simply writes: "do this, because it's good". If you propose some game-changing idea, solution or suggestion, try to analyse how it will affect the gameplay and players. What are the disadvantages and advantages? Every idea has negative side, especially if you propose major change (for example: removing Flea Market). 

People has different opinions.
It seems obvious, but many Users forgot about it. Remember - anybody can disagree with your idea. That's why we should discuss and improve some great ideas. Try to be flexible for other's opinions. 

Don't make bug reports here or off-topic threads. 
This is Suggestion category, so posts without suggestion/solution/ideas will be moved or hidden. There's plenty of categories, so you will find one perfect for you. Bug reports should be send via launcher (instruction). 

Try to use Search option first. 
Many of suggestions have been discussed here, so instead of multiplying threads - just read already existing. For example, Matchmaking was discussed many times and even BSG crew spoke out. 

Be open for other's advices and questions.
It's impossible to think about all positive/negative effects of suggestions, so be open for other User's question. Sometimes different person will take a look from other perspective. 

Don't complain about cheaters here. 
If you have problem about cheaters, you can report them after the raid or just simply talk in already existing threads (link). Posts like: "remove cheaters, there's a big amount of them" is not helping at all. Developers know about current situation (better than us) and they do whatever they can to get rid of unfair players. 

Make your suggestion helpful.
Writing: "fix game/fix desync/fix sound" is pointless. It adds nothing to the discussion. This kind of posts will be hidden.

Be friendly and nice. 
Don't be stubborn and ALWAYS keep the discussion healthy. There is no point in arguing. Forum was created to discuss about game, exchange ideas, make bonds with community. 

Use proper language. 
Creating posts with insults won't convince ANYONE to your opinion, especially Developers. Such posts will be hidden and treated as provocation to argument.  

If you haven't done it yet, read the Forum rules before posting - here

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