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Restricted Flea market is the best


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I'm at Level 14 and trying to complete about 18 more quests to be able to unlock Level 20 everything-sold Flea market (L20ESFM)

Why do i need to unlock L20ESLM:

-buy some items to upgrade to Lv2 Stash

-buy some items to upgrade to Secure container Beta

-buy some items to upgrade Hideout

-buy some Lv4 armor vest when needed because it's hard to get in-raid or from Scavs

-buy some keys needed to do some quests

-sell some high value in-raid items that i keep in my Stash

-buy some guns and silencers with cheaper price

-completed all Gunsmith quests because i didn't get enough mods to do it before


What is the current L20ESFM? L20ESFM is a great market, has everything you need except for things that require Found in raid, just have money you can buy everything from L20ESFM

The outstanding benefits of L20ESFM:

-if you are a rich player you will have everything

-equip everything high-level easily without having to loot in-raid or loot from boss, just buy. Exp: helmet, armor vest, chest rig, backpack

-no need to find keys or exchange items for keys (Merchant Lv required) to do quests or open marked rooms or open extract doors, just buy

-upgrade guns to high-level, meta-mod, lowest recoil without wasting effort to find gun mod in-raid, just buy 1 set

-buy in-raid only rounds as SSA AP, MAI AP or craft only rounds quickly, no need to loot or craft, just buy


The negative when L20ESFM exists:

-the richs get richer

-the poors die more

-there are super soldiers in the Factory or Lab with the highest-level of equipment possible

-no need to loot in-raid or loot from dead enemies and still get the full-mod guns from L20ESFM, just buy

-make 1 meta mod, lowest recoil gun very easy and fast

-to get a large amount of good ammo too easily or too quickly

-to get important keys just buy, no need to do quests then raise the Merchant level (Trader level) and exchange items for keys

Some opinions are both positive and negative because it depends on who you are, high-level players or low-level players or devs


Why did the devs raise Flea market (FM) level to 20 from 10:

-want players to focus on doing quests instead of just loot and combat then easily unlock FM. From there they can buy good things, combat well, loot more, get rich and don't care about quests. Or change some players who are not interested in doing quests because they are afraid of difficulties

-Lv20 FM is what makes the gameplay even easier for advanced-level players who have played well

-Lv20 FM is what makes the gameplay of low-level players still as difficult as before because it is difficult to find items, sell items for little money and they are extremely jealous of those who have unlocked Lv20 FM

-so devs can only restrict low-level players from touching high-tier items but can't hinder or slow down high-level players who can touch them very soon. The efforts of the devs to raise FM level to 20 from 10 is completely useless and even more unfair

-why is it unfair, because high-level players and low-level players still face to face in the same raid and the difference in equipments will just increase more

-many weak players will give-up, someone who still loves this game will go back to dark raids for a few people or play during low-players times of day to avoid high-level players

=>Is this a sad story in your gaming world or is this game only for hardcore players, not casual players. Do you want the majority of people who love FPS to come to Eft from other games as CS-GO, PUBG, Call of duty series, Rainbow six series, FarCry series, Crysis series?


I would like to suggest a solution to limit the over-high gear-up for Eft by limiting what is sold on FM to make the gameplay of all players more fair and better than before much more, players will have to focus on the quests because they have to buy most of things from the Merchants (Traders) instead of buying everything on FM like before. I call it Level 20 restricted Flea market (L20RFM)

What will not be sold on the L20RFM?

-armor vest


-container & case

-gear component


-tactical rig

-weapon part & mod





The positives of using the L20RFM:

-devs can slow down the progress of super players without affecting casual players

-battles in raids will be more balanced

-super guns with high-end ammo will appear much less often

-low-level armor vest & helmet are still effective

-casual players can confidently enter the Factory or Lab or bright raids

-players' good equipments must be accumulated after many matches, not bought at once from L20ESFM

-everyone has to link together, play in groups to use important keys instead of playing solo

-enhance team strength, can't be just 1 high-end gears-up player against a 5 members team like streamers are still doing


The negatives of using the L20RFM:

-high-level players will be disappointed that a new FM is of little value to them

-high-level players and rich players can't gear-up quickly as before, they have to collect gun parts and gun mods from guns that was looted from enemies or loot in-raid or buy from Merchants

-some streamers will be extremely angry because they can't concentrate their power as high and fast as before, their business will be much more difficult. They have to find friends to go with them to increase their strength, not just a natural talent to know the enemy's position is enough

-players who loot something should use it or sell it to the Merchants

-players who want to gear-up what they want are forced to unlock higher levels of Merchants to buy or barter

-many in-raid loots will be sold cheaper to Merchants

-buying many things from Merchants will be more expensive than on L20ESFM

-L20RFM mainly for buying barter item, provision, medical treatment to support to upgrade Hideout and barter with Merchants

-all weapons, ammo, gear must be purchased from Merchant or loot in-raid or loot from enemies or crafting

-finding keys for marked rooms will be very difficult, few players have enough keys for 1 map


You will see a new world in Eft that is very interesting for all players, everyone will gradually get used to it and love your Eft game more than before

Thank for reading!

Let make this game a perfect game ;D

Best regards

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Why do you put a limit on number of items that can be purchased at Merchants each restock but you don't put a limit on the number of items that can be purchased at FM? So the use of items by each player is floating, unmanaged, they abuse and use an amount of items that exceeds the limits you have set at Merchants
Buying and using too many good and expensive items by high-level players with a lot of money in raids will create a huge imbalance when they combat with low-level players
For example in the current Lab, this is a place for high-level and rich players because simply they can buy Labs access keycards more than 50 per day while you have set a limit with Lv4 Therapist every restock
If you put the L20RFM into operation, everything changes. If a player wants to enter the Lab many times, he must complete all Therapist's quests to reach to Lv4 Therapist, of course he must be at least Lv55. Some players can loot few Labs access keycards in-raid so they can get in there, this time the number of players there will be very small and he is free to loot until many players have reached to Lv55 or Lv4 Therapist. Of course, no one can enter the Lab so much everyday as in current

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You know the flea market was lowered to level 15 right now right?  You only have one more level to go.  I do think your idea of restricting the number of items that people could buy off the flea market as interesting.  It could make some players have to experiment with different gear and maybe play down a gear amount in a couple of raids (could be interesting). 

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3 hours ago, Datvivar said:

You know the flea market was lowered to level 15 right now right?  You only have one more level to go.  I do think your idea of restricting the number of items that people could buy off the flea market as interesting.  It could make some players have to experiment with different gear and maybe play down a gear amount in a couple of raids (could be interesting). 

Lowering FM level is good for me, thanks BSG!
Now I don't care if i'll be able to unlock FM soon or late but i care about the current L15ESFM breaking all that devs built in Merchants' stores. The four levels of each Merchant become unimportant as long as L15ESFM exists, it's just the selling price of some gun mods on L15ESFM will be 10 times more
The unrestricted trade on L15ESFM has made the use of weapons and equipments by advanced players exceed the limits that devs have created in the Merchants' stores. The most necessary thing needs to limit on the L15ESFM is ammunition because it is the most effective thing in combat
Devs, please return some parts of the original Eft as it was without Flea market
And you can also create events for trading something in the restricted list to make FM a little more interesting :)

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At least, these things should be restricted or set a limited number of buying times on Flea market:
-armor vest
-tactical rig
-gear component
-Labs access keycard
Let try, devs!

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