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Hello I bought tarkov a little less than a year ago and under any condition the game wouldn't run well. I have a fx8350 a 1050ti and 16gb(1600mhz)ram and ONLY tarkov installed on a SSD. I know the specs are poo but it should still run okay-ish. I wanted to buy a new gpu but im not paying 500 eur for a used 1070

Customs, woods and factroy and maybe labs are usually okay but dropping fps in fire fights

Reserve, shoreline and interchange are unplayable - constant 20-30ish fps and gets even lower in when fighting

I know that stuff isnt optimised and still in development.

If anyone has any tips I will gladly take them :)

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Do you have freezes or just drop in lag ?

I have a old Rig too... I-5 4470k with 970 gtx , i kept the Game on default settings with usual 40 fps.

But i also have 24 gb of Ram. I noticed that upgrading Ram is very very important.... 

This is what i would do when i would be you... it cant harm, and Ram wont get outdated anytime soon so you can reuse it when you build a new PC in Future.


Your CPU has more Hertz, your Videocard benchmarks a bit higher too.... you just have less Ram then i do... So when you upgrade your Ram you should be able to play on around 40 fps  which is enough.... Its not a Game like Overwatch where you have to Move and keep Enemy in aim etc... Tarkov is so much more slow and patient in Gameplay that you wont end up in Scenarios where 10 Players jump around you and you have to track them with your Aim or something like that. So 40 Fps is enough

Btw im just lv4 and since i wanna learn the Maps i stick to 1, i only play Reserve, which you mention as unplayable... 


In Hunt Showdown i get around 70 Fps (its probably the Game most simmiliary to Tarkov), and Arma 3 is playable as long as i dont end up in this MP Maps where 100 People fight for 1 City, the more the City gets broken the more my fps brake down often around 17...but from an Airplane with wide View i get 40-60 so in General i can play even Arma 3.

I think when you upgrade your Ram to 24 gigs you should have compareable,bit higher values.

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